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News: How to Register for Activities OnLine

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10/1/2008 12:00:00 AM  Bangor Parks & Recreation Dept. 

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About OnLine Registration
Important; You must have a My Household Account to register for activities online. CLICK HERE to open an account. 1. Login into your account using the Username (email address you used to open your account) and password 2. Locate activities by clicking on the Program Schedule located in the purple navigation bar on the left of the screen 3. Choose a category (Classes & Activities or Team Sports) then in the next screen click on the red program name for the program of interest 4. The following screen will provide details on the program as well as registration buttons. Choose the Reg Online button for the appropriate activity and select the person from the household that will be registering. You will only be allowed to register someone that meets the requirements for that activity. 5. The next screen is your shopping cart. Click on Program Schedule from the navigation bar to add other registrations to your cart. 6. Once the shopping cart is complete click Next to review your items. Be sure to check the Disclaimer box before clicking the “Place Secure Online Order” link. 7. After entering your credit card information you will receive a confirmation email